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Make lasting, meaningful moments that spark imagination and awe

think deeply about core values that motivate and inspire

Choose conversations over stubbornness; productivity over idleness; friends over strangers; laughter over sterility

Choose design, because I have a profound intolerance for things that don’t work; and, it’s a healthier alternative to complaining


Photography: Proven Ground Farm, North Pekin, IL

Photography: Soma Restaurant, Bloomington, IN

Photography: Richard Palmer, Orlando, FL

Fail Big & Fail Often
"Best In Class" - 2014 School of Informatics & Computing Design Expo

"Best In Class" - 2014 School of Informatics & Computing Design Expo

Until You Succeed

I am a Work In Progress

At Indiana University, I feel exceedingly privileged to work alongside such a wide breadth of talents, and to receive mentorship from such accomplished alumni.

Below, I've highlighted projects from this past year, giving special attention to the skills most improved and lessons learned in their production. 

Project Harmony
Volkswagen Autonomous Vehicle

"Best In Class" - 1st Annual School of Informatics and Computing Design Expo at Indiana University.

Project Harmony is a ride-share autonomous vehicle concept, designed to provide a relaxing, personal space for the urban environment. -> See More

Skill Upgrade: Axure | Interviewing | Systems Thinking | Design Strategy

"Hello World"
Digital quandary & the apotheosis of the human

CHI 2015 Video Showcase Submission

This animated film postulates how a sentient robot might reify the concept of Human as creator. The artificially intelligent narrator attributes deity status to humans, and wrestles with the consequences of an illogical god. -> See More

Skill Upgrade: video editing | After Effects | Literature Review | photography



serious hobbyist

When I lived in Orlando, FL I founded a photography company that specialized in updating model portfolios for those switching from the fashion industry to commercial.

Additionally, I've produced commissioned prints of abstract scenes and explosive macro imagery. Experimenting in macro photography is perhaps my biggest hobby.

In fall of 2014, I was part of a team of two other students that took and edited over 100 graduate HCI/d portraits at the School of Informatics at Indiana University.